Product Care



Clean the countertop daily with a soft white cloth and a neutral cleaner or household detergent such as Dove. Household cleaning products including Windex, Lysol Disinfectant and 409 can be used, but may leave a film. A solution of vinegar and water works great to remove streaking, smudges, and body oil.


Granite countertops are generally sealed at the time of fabrication. Resealing is up to the individual. Manufacturers of impregnators recommend countertops to be resealed from 1 to every 4 years, or longer, depending on the application, the sensitivity of the individual, and the type of stone. Granite impregnators, cleaners and disinfectants are available at our office or can be ordered from this website.


Spills should be wiped up immediately. Blot the spill with a clean paper towel. If the countertop stains, a poultice may need to be applied. See the Stain Removal guidelines that follow. Use the flat side of a razor blade for removing stuck on tape residue, dried paint, glue, dried food, etc.


Use #0000 or finer steel wool to remove dried water spots, smudges, hazy areas, and for general cleaning to bring out the shine. Do not use the steel wool wet. Use a pencil eraser to remove aluminum trails.

1. Cleaning

Do not use acid-based cleaners such as rust removers, sterling silver cleaners, etc., on the countertop, or place rags saturated with acid based cleaners on the countertop.
Do not use any cleaners containing Hydroflouric Acid.
Do not use strong abrasive cleaners such as Comet or SoftScrub.
Do not leave spills on the countertop for prolonged periods of time.


We have granite countertops in our kitchen and love them. They really don’t take a lot of care. The first thing we did when they were installed was to wipe on a solvent-based sealer called an “impregnator” with a soft cloth. I put on one coat, then waited a day before applying a second coat. You’ll probably hear various stories about how long this stuff lasts, but in our house we find it’s good for about two years.


Just so you know, a sealer won’t make the stone stainproof. It just gives you extra time to clean up whatever you do spill on the countertop. Acidic foods are the worst offenders. Don’t use any acidic cleaning products, either, such as a vinegar-based window cleaner. We just wipe up a spill — no matter what it is — with a wet sponge right away, and our countertops look great.

2. What Not To Do