The Granite Mountain Collection

We are pleased to offer a curated selection of Granite and Quartz materials at an attractive price point. These materials are in stock at our Bozeman facility, and are sold by the square foot, allowing us to pass the savings onto our discerning clients.

There is something for everyone in our Granite Mountain Collection. Meet the materials below!

Minimalistic Kitchen

The Natural Stone Collection

Dallas White.jpg

Dallas White

Lacey light greys and subtle lavender tones over a creamy white background.

steel grey.jpg

Steel Grey

Shades of grey, black, brown, and blue over a medium-grey background.

Negresco 2.jpg


Smoky white veins swirling throughout a pitch-black backdrop.

White Lava_edited.jpg

White Lava

A cool white base flooded with intricate grey veins and cream accents.

Ijen  Blue.PNG

Ijen Blue

A light blue background accentuated by blue and gold veining.

Dallas White.jpg


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Coffee Brown.jpg

Coffee Brown

A rich variety of warm coffee and deep chocolate tones over a dark background.

Silver Cloud.PNG

Silver Cloud

Finely-grained jet, sterling, and fog grey swirl through ivory, alabaster, and white.



Chocolate and grey veins wander through a deep cream background.



Dramatic bursts of ivory and gold veining through a deep black and grey background.


Magma Gold

Complex rivers of gold, rust, and peach weave through a deep black.

Black Pearl.png

Black Pearl

A predominately black granite with speckles of gold, silver, brown, green, and grey.

Colonial Gold.jpg

Colonial Gold

Elegant gold swirls and striking garnets over a creamy gray-beige background.

Blue Flower.PNG

Blue Flower

Dramatic blue crystals and chocolate veins swirl over a white-cream background.

lapidus 2.PNG

Lapidus Vesuvio

A stunning light beige stone with gold and black leopard veining.

Taj Mahal 2.png

Taj Mahal

A soft white background interwoven with subtle gold veins.