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Founded in the year 2009, TheSize Surfaces is a young company with a great vocation for exporting and its directors' more than 40 years of experience in the natural stone sector.

In 2010, it launched its first slab under the Neolith® brand onto the market aiming to provide an innovative response to the architecture and interior design sectors. It was a new type of material with extraordinary characteristics which is appropriate for interiors and exteriors. Since then, TheSize has been consolidating itself in the world market with the Neolith® product as the pioneer and leading Sintered Stone Surface in its sector.


Born in the last decade, Neolith – a Sintered Stone – is part of a new and revolutionary product category aimed at meeting more demanding architectural and design needs.

It is not at all what is known as traditional ceramic or stoneware but rather evolved from these materials to the point that a new type of surface was created which was non-existent up until that time. Neolith is pioneer in the Sintered Stone industry.

What is Sintered Stone?

Composition: 100% natural based on 3 groups of elements:
1. Minerals from granite: quartz and feldspar which provide the product with hardness and strength.
2. Minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability.
3. Natural oxides that offer chromatic properties.

Neolith is made the same way the Earth makes natural stone: very high temperatures, and extreme pressure.


In Action

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